Have you heard the exciting news?

Thrively has acquired Activity Rocket, a resource to find activities for your kids near you! Activity Rocket was created by two moms, Lisa and Illene, who understood that parents want the best activities for their children, but it isn’t always easy or convenient to find them. Together the two moms set out with the goal of helping parents find and book these classes, camps, sports and other enriching activities in minutes. If you live in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia area, Activity Rocket is a great resource to save time and resources. Together, Thrively and Activity Rocket aim to help every child discover their genius– and what better way to do it than to connect children with activities they will genuinely enjoy?

First, students take the Thrively Strength Assessment to discover their top strengths and interests– ranging all the way from analytical, to fun-loving, or athletic. A unique profile is then created for students including catered course plans, lessons, pathways, activities, and so much more! Students can use their specific strengths and interests to find activities that will keep them happy and engaged. Athletic? Ice Hockey. Creative Skill? Musical Theater, Singing, Dance, or Painting. Focus? Computer Programming. No matter your children or students’ strenghts, Activity Rocket has a an activity to keep them passionate and interested in their activ

After taking the Thrively Strength Assessment and discovering their top strengths and interests, children can find engaging activities they truly enjoy. In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, let’s explore some of the many activities on Thrively and Activity Rocket connected to ‘athleticism’.