As the New Year begins, holiday craziness winds down, and Spring Break seems like it is an eternity away, we celebrate the Hunt for Happiness Week–because who doesn’t need a happiness booster every once in a while? This week-long holiday generally takes place the third full week of January and calls for even the happiest of people to seek out his/her sources of fulfillment in life. We encourage all people to focus on things that make them truly happy this week, whether that be art, music, self-reflection, or exploration. This week is about finding the best and happiest version of yourself- and at Thrively we want to help students do the same!

Superheroes Cheerful Kids Expressing Positivity Concept

We understand that a child’s or student’s happiness is driven by their passions, but how can they identify these passions? Luckily, we have created a course to do so! Passion Projects are student-driven projects where kids can interact with whatever makes them the most passionate. They identify a question they find interesting, spend time interacting and researching that question, and have a product or presentation at the conclusion of the project to show how they spent their time. Passion projects could range from being a research project, a hobby exploration, advocating for a cause, exploring a career — really whatever makes them happiest.

Thrively wants to help your child or student on their path to seeking ultimate happiness. Our lesson “Hunt for Happiness” allows students to hone in on their social-emotional skills, discovering what makes them feel free and confident. Through a series of exercises and reflections, students will be able to find out what triggers happiness — like music!


Not happy yet? Well, how about we fill your “bucket” then. Heard of Bucket-filling? We hadn’t either until we came across this awesome happiness-lesson called “If Every Bucket was Full” to equip your students or children with the tools needed to maintain positive perspectives – necessary for everyday situations! Try out this free lesson and fill those buckets on your path to a happier life!