lTo some kids, overnight camp is a breeze. They can’t wait to get away, meet new friends and run wild for a week. Other kids, not so much. So how can you make sure that your child’s first camp experience is as successful as it can be?

1.  Make sure they’re ready to go.  

How do you know when your child is ready for overnight camp?  We had a few great tips from moms during last month’s summer camp twitter party:

l2.  Go with friends.

It’s great for kids to go on their own because it’s important to learn how to build social relationships and learn how to make friends.  However, with a first-time or nervous camper, having a friend there can make all the difference.

l3.  Know when to nudge and when to shrug.

 It’s a fine line between introducing something new and pushing them into something that they just don’t want to do. Pursuing new things should be about exploration and discovery.

4.  Test the waters

Tons of overnight camps out there offer trial camps where your little one can attend for 2 or 3 nights.  It’s a great way to test the waters without committing your schedule (and budget!) to a full-length session.

You can search Thrively to find lots of Junior Camps right in your neck of the woods!

5.  When in doubt, just wait.

Your children’s first camp experience will set the tone for many summers to come.  If your gut tells you they’re just not ready, then hold off.  Attend one-day workshops and get a feel for how they do without you for a whole day.  Ease into overnights later.

And above all, HAVE FUN!